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MID SUMMER MADNESS  MAIDSTONE RIVERSIDE ARE WELL NAMED July 25  Riverside BBQ and Canoeing in the Medway  Another really hot afternoon and  Rotarians were once more busy setting up gazebos  ready to serve Young Carers with gourmet delights and drinks after an afternoon on the Medway. (Thank you Medway Canoe Club and Rotarians and family members of Maidstone Riverside Club) 
What a memorable start to the summer holidays for these young people and me. Everyone  really had fun, some getting MUCH wetter than others, swimming rather than canoeing! We played games  in the canoes and paddled vigorously. It was a privilege to join them  on the water even though I disappointed Colin Norgate by not falling in. He was posed waiting for the moment to catch me falling in !!!

OVER THE DOME  FOR POLIO MEETING July 27   Thanks to Mike Martineau  (Beckenham RC) and Christine Atkinson  (West WickhamRC)  who have  now  finalised the  Over the Dome event for District. Details have been sent out  to all…