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Feet not touching the ground!

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED Well its  early March so I thought I would do a catch up with you all.  
SAN DIEGO A long way to go for my DG Training, but I can assure you that the training  was WORLD CLASS . It was a privilege to be with DG's in waiting  from 52 other countries. I was overwhelmed by the impact that Rotary is making Worldwide and  it was wonderful  to learn about and share projects, issues and hopes for Rotary in the future. I hope to share some of my experiences at President Elect Training and at Assembly. Barry Rassin, will be  the President of Rotary International next year and he announced the theme for the year and shared  his hopes for Rotary next year and into the future.

 The presentations by young rotarians were  really inspiring!
Look at these 2 videos if you are interested in reaching the younger generation. They are certainly 'food for thought' and  give an insight into the thinking of young people and the value they place on Rotary opportunities.